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What I do as a photo editor for mid-Missouri community?

I select excellent and accurate photos for readers in my community, and edit them based on the principles of professionalism and authenticity, making them a complete story. I hope this story-telling could reflect all groups in the community and promote member participation in the community.

Inaugural Zipper Fest brings art, community and connection to Columbia on Saturday, September 9, 2023 at the Arcade District. | Kate Cassady/Missourian

I respect and cherish the works of my photographers, and I do my best to tone their photos to ensure that they are presented with the best quality possible.

K9s for Camo handler Jason Barr and his dog Elvis rest before their next event on Wednesday, August 30, 2023 at the Dawg Days Showcase in Jefferson City. The Puppies for Parole program pairs people who are incarcerated with a dog to train them for adoption or to become service dogs for veterans. | Cam Medrano/Missourian

I value communication with colleagues. I believe that as an editor, I have an obligation to find and point out any potential errors, in order to protect the professionalism and reputation of the newsroom.

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During the process of completing this website portfolio, I discovered two typographical errors on the Missourian website and made corrections. On the left is a recurring image, and on the right is the strange opening of the second line of attribution.

What kind of good photos am I looking for?

I expect photos to be correct in terms of exposure, focus, and composition, without any unexpected blurring or imperfections. I am looking for excellent composition in photos, emotions that can be perceived by the audience, a sense of story, harmonious colors, sufficient information, and important moments.


Paddlers set out from Hartsburg on Saturday during the 14th annual Race to the Dome. The event, organized by Missouri River Relief, brings awareness to the river and the wildlife that surrounds it and raises money for the group to help people interact with nature. | Alix Queen/Missourian

This picture was originally horizontal. On both sides of these paddlers, there are many trees and buoys. When I was toning, I thought the highlight of this image was the lines formed by the paddlers, so all other invalid information was deleted to better allow the audience to feel the best aspects of this image.


Emma Pryor reacts to an item of clothing with her daughter, Emerald, 10, on Saturday at the Arcade District in Columbia. “We’re suckers for a good art fair,” Emma Pryor said| Kate Cassady/Missourian

I chose this photo because of the emotion. The audience can quickly sense the atmosphere from the facial expression of the character and empathize with Emma. The value of photos is not only in conveying information, but also in conveying emotions. This is the difference between the picture and the text.

截屏2023-12-11 19.19.17.png

Copies of the book are marked with names of residents and first responders who contributed to the book Sunday, October 22, 2023 at Wooldridge Community Center. “I interviewed 46 people total,” said author Tim Scherrer. Kate Cassady/Missourian

As a part of the entire daily newspaper, photo editors should not only consider the value of the images themselves, but also consider the previous coordination of these images and select appropriate cover photos for the story. For example, the images of many books have a lot of negative space in the upper left corner and are strongly related to the story of this book fair, making it a good choice.

截屏2023-12-11 19.26.59.png

The 14th annual Race to the Dome on October 7, 2023 in Columbia. | Alix Queen/Missourian


Wooldridge mayor Kelly Murphy pauses during a speech on Sunday, October 22, 2023 at Wooldridge Community Center in Wooldridge. “When you lose everything, it’s hard to come back,” said Murphy, “We’re working on it piece by piece.” Kate Cassady/Missourian


Jill Staton, center, watches while fifth graders Tevin Hayes, left, and Lynden Fadler, right, play the game Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who will have what part in a role playing exercise during class Oct. 18 at Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary School in Columbia. Students broke up into pairs and trios to practice how they can use social-emotional learning skills in real-world settings, such as deciding team captains for a soccer game at recess. | Bailey Stover/Missourian


Marching Mizzou chants as they walk in the parade on Saturday in Columbia. The parade will be followed by the Homecoming football game against South Carolina. | Kate Cassady/Missourian


The crowd watches Moolah YOMO patrol cars drive around on Saturday in Columbia. Attendants staked out spots before sunrise. | Kate Cassady/Missourian


From left, Chi Omega members Emily Evans, Allie Mateja, Chase Flori, Lily Srodulski and Logan Knolhoff cheer as their house float passes on Saturday in Columbia. Greek houses paired up to build floats for the parade. | Kate Cassady/Missourian

I am grateful for the opportunity to become a photo editor. It allows me to explore excellent pictures, edit and publish these works, and provide high-quality image reporting stories for the community.

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